Hello Square dance friends!

We have tried to find a new location for 2016 but have failed and we have now decided that we are taking a break and look for a new place to be in 2017

We wish you a great 2016 and we hope to see you somewhere new and exciting in 2017

Joy of dancing !

Summer 2016

Greetings square dance friends!

We are sad to say that we have sad news about Bödabaden 2016. We will NOT be able to have any square dance weeks there during 2016. The reason are several but the main reason is that we cannot come to an agreement with the owners at this point. There are too many unresolved issues and the uncertainty is too great for us to wait for things to change. We really have tried to remain at Bödabaden but we have failed.

BUT today we decided to continue our activity on another destination. We are working hard to get prices and information ready for you.

It will be something new and a little bit different but we will keep certain things that we feel is important. For example, a choice of different accomodations, the ability to dance both indoors and outdoors, workshop in the mornings and dance in the evenings. At least three afterparties ;) There will be many new and exciting activities at the new location.

We are looking forward to presenting this during january so keep a close lookout on the webpage after newyears!

We hope you will find your way to us at our new location!